Hey MO! I’ve seen all these clutch and torque spring, blue, red, yellow, and I’m confused as to what they do and which one to pick? – Wanting more power in Philly


Ok, first the torque spring, or what some call the big spring. This controls the rear driven pulley sheave. Lighter springs let the sheave spread soon, stiffer later. A heavier spring is equivalent to a larger sprocket on the rear of a motorcycle, and vice versa. If your having trouble climbing hills or you hear the engine bogging a little just after take-off, you likely need a stiffer spring. To the extent that you have the above symptoms, the stiffer you need to go. Also, the heavier you and you passenger is, the stiffer you should go.

The clutch springs determine the engine speed that the clutch engages. The stiffer springs allow the engine to spin up higher, giving you a harder launch. The drawback is that you will not engage in lower engine speeds, making it kinda racy everytime you take off.