MINARELLI 2STROKE PISTON PIN SIZE DIFFERENCE , 10MM vs 12MM and variator size difference

Hey MO! How the heck do I know if my Minarelli based engine has a 12mm or 10mm wrist pin, without taking it all apart first? – Confused in Chicago


Our knowledge database is growing, but we know a few things. Adly’s and Hammerheads are 10, so are the Italian Minarelli engines like Malaguti, Italjet, Beta, and Aprillia. The 12mm pin is found on later CDI’s, chinese JOG-2T, Vento Triton. These engines are poplular in 2-stroke full size scooters and ATVs such as Malaguti, Yamati, United Motors X-Speed, Aprilla, CPI, Benelli, Vento, Eton, Adly and many more. Italian made units tend to use 10mm pins (Chinese JOG 2T clones tend to use 12mm) please measure and check before ordering. Certain brands such as CPI / United Motors / Muz older models used 10mm newer post 2004 use 12mm. All Italian made models use the 10mm such as Aprilia / Malaguti / Italjet that are Yamaha Minarelli based.

Probably the most accurate, without complete disassembly, is to measure the inside diameter of your variator pulley. If it is 21mm, your wrist pin is 12mm. If it is 18mm, your wrist pin is 10mm. You can also count the number of splines on the outer variator face where it mates with the crank. The smaller 18/10mm crank has 17 splines, the larger 21/12mm crank has 15. The larger crank was originally designed for the JOG90 engine, but comes in 50cc too. Also, don’t confuse your Minarelli 2stroke with the Franco Morini type two stroke found in TGB R5 Laser, Key West, 101S, the Suzuki Address, and some Italjets. These kits are also available from Scrappydogs, as they are authorized dealers for TGB products.

Hope this helps. MO!

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